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  • Industrial Labels
    We make an extremely diverse range of industrial labels perfect for the needs of our customers, which covers a large variation of the field of activity and industry
  • Online quotation and personalization
    Regardless of the contact material, label design, size, working temperature and other special technical features, we have provided the customization section to facilitate project communication your.
  • Large dimension printing
    We make large UV prints with white and / or selective lacquer, large UV and canvas prints and by sublimation on synthetic materials.

Standard of quality

is a supplier of industrial labels, self-adhesive films, graphic panels, large size prints for various sectors of industry, such as automotive, aeronautics,
textile garments and others. 

Over 20 years experience in this business.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, the Dass Center GWA team is a strong contender in the romanian adhesive film market,  and especially in the industrial label market, being an authorised distributor for Orafol, Siser, Reflexite, Hi Bond, Vision.

What is our company's goal?

What we have accomplished with our customers in all these years.

Involvement in the field of industrial label processing has been a constant concern for our company, as well as the focus on quality and the provision of the most appropriate solutions to the needs of the company's customers.

Why Dass Center GWA

Our products address various fields: industry, advertising, automotive, aeronautics, IT, furniture, architecture, construction, interior decorations, typography, screen printing workshops, logistics.  

Professional consulting

We ensure consulting for our customers so that they can choose the optimal solution for each of their projects. 


We  ensure the necessary promptitude in any situation, so that our products are designed, manufactured and shipped in time to our customers. 

Choosing the highest quality materials and best technical solutions 

We want our customers to benefit from quality and fluent services. This is why we are permanently in a process of improving and perfecting our materials and technical processes. 

Continous process of creativity and innovation

We are focused on improving the quality of our services through continous equipment and manufacturing technology upgrading, but also through the creativity that we acquire with every finished project. 

Innovative solution and top products 

Together with our partners, we have implemented top solutions and products in various fields: automotive, aeronautics, electronics, IT, mobile, furniture industry, light industry, textile garments and others. The projects in which we have been and are involved have led to innovative solutions for more than 200 companies. 

Our partners

20+ years of experience

Our company

has vast experience in the processing and distribution of German products Orafol – Reflexite, Swiss products - Folex and Italian products - Siser.


Our materials meet the ISO Quality Standards:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001.

Long term collaboration

We have commercial relations with over 60 important customers from various fields of activity. 

You can find us on the SAP aquisition system Ariba

DASS CENTER GWA meets the  ISO 9001 Quality Standard and is present on ARIBA.
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